Join Us ❤

Our KLLAB welcomes university students to join us from all levels from undergraduates to Ph.D. We provide unique experiences for all participants in our team with a broad field of interest in statistics and management including statistical computing, forecasting, distributed computing, and Bayesian analysis. We also offer you

  • one-on-one supervision and weekly lab meetings,
  • face-to-face discussions with our international collaborators,
  • involvement of KLLAB‘s key projects.

You can check out some recent papers that our KLLAB members are writing, reading and discussing.

Everyone in our KLLAB will enjoy a lot of fun, and members with outstanding contributions will particularly enjoy

  • invitations to participate in international conferences,
  • recommendations to top-ranked universities all around the globe,
  • job and internship opportunities in top data science companies.

We usually expect you to have the following abilities before joining us:

  • Computing skills from the command line: Git, R/Python, Markdown/LaTeX.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Background: Probability, Calculus, Statistics.
  • A minimum of a two-year participation time.


  • For Ph.D. position inquiries in Beihang University, please get in touch with Prof. Yanfei Kang.
  • For Ph.D. position inquiries in Peking University, please get in touch with Prof. Feng Li.
  • For other inquiries, please get in touch with Prof. Feng Li.