Welcome to KLLAB

knowledge and learning

Welcome to Dr. Yanfei Kang and Feng Li’s Lab — KLLAB (pronounced as [col·lab], meaning collaborating). A lab for knowledge and learning.

The initiative of KLLAB is to bring collaborations between Prof. Yanfei Kang (Beihang University) and Prof. Feng Li (Peking University)’s students. KLLAB is not only a lab named after Dr. Kang and Li’s initials but also stands for “knowledge and learning” for the people in our lab.

Our KLLAB started as a joint meetup between Beihang University and Central University of Finance and Economics in earlier 2016. In 2020, the KLLAB has reached 20 members.

We focus on finding and solving interesting problems in forecasting, statistical computing, and distributed learning.

Our KLLAB has invited collaborators to visit the lab every year, and we also organize focused workshops with a specific theme. Our research network reaches Australia, UK, Sweden, the US, and other countries. Please checkout our collaboration network on this page.

We welcome university students to join us from all levels, from undergraduates to Ph.D. The KLLAB also sends the best students to the world’s leading universities.

Prof. Yanfei Kang and Prof. Feng Li are also offering undergraduate and graduate-level courses in statistical computing [K][L], Bayesian analysis[K][L], distributed statistical computing [L], and data science [L] every year.