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Feng Li is interviewed by the Forecasting Impact Podcast

In this episode, Feng Li describes the current status of forecasting science and practice in China, his research focus, and his lab KLLAB, where he and his wife Dr Yanfei Kang are focused on computing, forecasting and learning with massive machines. We also discussed in depth one of his papers entitled “Time series forecasting with imaging”.

Forecasting Impact is a monthly podcast that aims to disseminate the science and practice of forecasting alongside prominent academics and practitioners in the field. Our vision is to grow the forecasting community, foster collaboration between academia and industry, and promote scientific forecasting and good practice. We’ll discuss a variety of topics in economics, supply chain, energy, AI, data analytics, healthcare, and more. Podcast created by Mahdi Abolghasemi, Shari De Baets, Michał Chojnowski, Sarah Van der Auweraer, and Anna Sroginis.

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