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New Paper: Forecast with Forecasts: Diversity Matters

Authors: Yanfei Kang, Wei Cao, Fotios Petropoulos, Feng Li

Abstract: Forecast combination has been widely applied in the last few decades to improve forecast accuracy. In recent years, the idea of using time series features to construct forecast combination model has flourished in the forecasting area. Although this idea has been proved to be beneficial in several forecast competitions such as the M3 and M4 competitions, it may not be practical in many situations. For example, the task of selecting appropriate features to build forecasting models can be a big challenge for many researchers. Even if there is one acceptable way to define the features, existing features are estimated based on the historical patterns, which are doomed to change in the future, or infeasible in the case of limited historical data. In this work, we suggest a change of focus from the historical data to the produced forecasts to extract features. We calculate the diversity of a pool of models based on the corresponding forecasts as a decisive feature and use meta-learning to construct diversity-based forecast combination models. A rich set of time series are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed method. Experimental results show that our diversity-based forecast combination framework not only simplifies the modelling process but also achieves superior forecasting performance.

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